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Intro to User Access

How to control who accesses which parts of the software.

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Audience: Upper Management, Developers, Loan Servicing/Collections Managers, Administrators, Compliance



LoanPro's access tools provide you the ability to configure how your personnel use the software. Since all of your users will have varying levels of expertise and experience, creating access configurations will help you secure your account and create a streamlined experience for your users.

There are several ways to configure access inside LoanPro. You can configure access to the software in general, to what will be returned in search results, to Agent Walkthroughs, to specific areas of the software, and to areas and actions that are only available when certain conditions are met. In this article, we'll explain which access tools are available and provide links to where you can learn more about each feature.


Here's a breakdown of the available tools you can use to grant and restrict access.

Tool Description
User Role-based Access If you want to restrict access to specific areas of the software, the place to look is at user roles. A role lets you define what a user can see within the software. Mainly, this will let you restrict access to tabs in the software, but in some cases, will restrict whether the user can view certain buttons. Once a role is created, it must be assigned to the Agent User in order to restrict that user's access. Our Role-based Access Options article covers the different features that can be restricted, which collectively comprise the entire software—access can be completely restricted through roles.
Agent Walkthrough Role-based Access Standard roles can be assigned to Walkthroughs. These roles are no different than standard roles until they are assigned to a walkthrough, at which time they define the access a user will have when in a walkthrough. If a role is created and intended for use with a walkthrough, it is best to use the word walkthrough somewhere in the name of the role. Access granted by a walkthrough role supersedes access granted by an assigned agent role. This will ensure that a user can access all the needed areas in order to fulfill the purpose of a walkthrough.
Agent Walkthrough Groups Walkthrough groups grant the user access to a specific group of walkthroughs. When creating a walkthrough group, you can choose exactly which walkthroughs members of the group will see when they navigate to the Agent Walkthroughs area of a loan.
Search Restrictions Search Restrictions are used to limit the accounts returned by a user search. You can set up a search restriction using the same set of filters that are used when searching for loans. This means that loans can move in an out of the allowed search results based on whether they fall within the parameters that define the restriction.
Restriction Groups Restriction Groups or Frozen Resources let you restrict actions that a user is allowed to perform when inside a loan.
IP-Based Access IP-Based Access lets you specify IP addresses from which the software can or can't be accessed.
Loan Summary Views Loan Summary Views can be created that will show only selected data on the summary page for a loan account.

Only admin users can change access settings.


Where does Access Fit?

Since LoanPro's Loan Management System is built to accommodate teams of users within a single account, the way you configure your users' access is a crucial piece of your lending practices. How you determine access for your users is totally up to you, but a lot of users tend to use roles to determine broad sets of access for different types of personnel. For example, lenders with a team of servicing personnel often grant their servicers access to only loan summary information and Agent Walkthroughs. For lenders whose teams operate remotely, IP-Based Access is a popular tool. Each lending business is different, and as an admin, you get to determine what works best for you. Essentially, your determined access settings can (and probably should) be the cornerstone of how you and your team use LoanPro.

This Feature is Not

LoanPro's access tools are both robust and easy to use, but they can't do everything:

  • LoanPro's access tools are not a user-tracking tool. While LoanPro's access tools provide you with the options to limit personnel from accessing certain features, it doesn't track your users' every move or alert you regarding their actions. Our tools will help you limit your users' actions, but we can't tell you every action they make within the software.

What's Next?

From here, we suggest following the links to the various access options listed above. Each of those articles will explain how to use each feature. However, since they are such an important part of access, we especially suggest getting familiar with how User Role-based Access in particular work and how you can use them.

Written by Andy Morrise

Updated on May 30th, 2024

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