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Release Notes

All release notes from LoanPro's previous releases.

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LoanPro issues four major software releases a year, which include new features and improvements to performance.

2023 Release Schedule

Release Window Release Date Environment Release Notes
Q1 March 23, 2023 SaaS March 2023 Release Notes
Q1 April 19, 2023 PSaaS April 2023 Release Notes
Q2 June 23, 2023 SaaS June 2023 Release Notes
Q2 July 20, 2023 PSaaS June 2023 Release Notes
Q3 September 21, 2023 SaaS September 2023 Release Notes
Q3 October 18, 2023 PSaaS September 2023 Release Notes
Q4 December 14, 2023 SaaS December 2023 Release Notes
Q4 January 19, 2024 PSaaS December 2023 Release Notes
Q1 March, 2024 SaaS March 2024 Release Notes

Previous Releases

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Updates for September 2022
Updates for June 2022
Updates for March 2022
Updates for December 2021
Updates for September 2021
Updates for June 2021
Updates for March 2021
Updates for December 2020
Updates for September 2020
Updates for June 2020
Updates for March 2020
Updates for December 2019
Updates for September 2019
Updates for June 2019

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Updated on May 10th, 2024

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