Daily Maintenance Process


There are several processes that run on each live loan each day.  This includes things like calculating accrued interest, updating rules applied, adding automatic late fees, adding recurring fees, generating scheduled reports, sending automatic emails, etc.

Each night at midnight (based on the company timezone setting) LoanPro will run the following processes on all live accounts.

  1. Run LoanPro Calculator (updates values for the day & if applicable charges Late Fees)
  2. Rules Applied
    1. Recurring Charges
    2. Based on the evaluation order set by the company, run rules applied for the tenant.  Note: rules are evaluated consecutively.  If a rule application makes a change to an account, that change will be considered when the next rule application is evaluated.
  3. Stoplights
  4. Flags
  5.  Notifications
    1. Emails
    2. SMS

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