Secure Payments Password Expiration Monitoring and Management


Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) passwords expire every 90 days in order to meet PCI security standards. When a password expires, you can no longer use it to authenticate your Secure Payments account. This means the password will expire in LoanPro as well, which will stop you from processing payments through LoanPro. Our article on managing credentials gives more information on creating and updating passwords and tokens.

You can monitor the expiration of your password using the Secure Payments API. To retrieve information on your Secure Payments user, send a GET request to the following endpoint:

The response from this endpoint will look something like this:

"role": "user",
"amount": 500,
"nacha_action": true,
"sftp_nacha_price": 0.28,
"updated": "2019-10-01T19:05:33Z",
"username": "",
"trial_account": false,
"created": "2018-07-31T19:31:32Z",
"routing_action": false,
"card_lookup_price": 0.05,
"days_since_update": 71,
"echeck_price": 0.25,
"days_remaining": 19,
"balance": 4967.969999825582,
"anet_price": 0.25,
"anet_action": true,
"address_verify_price": 0.09,
"id": 798,
"contract_signed": true,
"minimum_balance": 50,
"address_action": false,
"echeck_action": true,
"lookup_action": true,
"bank_name_lookup_price": 0.01,
"contact": "",
"country": "usa"

The "updated" field will show you when the password was last set. The password will expire 90 days from the updated date and time. Use this endpoint to monitor your password expiration to make sure your Secure Payments credentials are always up to date.

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