Credits Report


This report shows you all credits your company has given.

To run a credits report, navigate to Reports > Transactions History > Credits inside your company account.

Before you run the report, you may want to narrow down the report results by a date range or other filters.

There are two date ranges you can specify to help narrow your search:

  • Create Date Period refers to the date on which credits were logged in the system
  • Apply Date Period refers to the date on which credits actually apply to a loan.

And there is one report-specific filter:

  • Flagged As Charge-Off lets you choose whether you want to view credits that are being used as charge off transactions.

You can also filter your report using the advanced option search.

With your search filters in place, click the magnifying glass icon to run the report.

Report Results

Once you've generated a report, the results will be shown on the right side of the screen. At the top are listed the total number of credits that match your search criteria, as well as the total and average amount issued.

Individual credits are listed below, with each entry containing the following information:




The display ID for the loan the credit was issued to.

Primary Customer

That loan's primary customer.


Any collateral item associated with the loan. (If a loan has multiple linked collateral items, this column will display only the first.)


The system ID for the credit.


The title for the credit.

Logged Date

When credit was logged.

Apply Date

When the credit applied.


The type will always be credit. (This report draws from individual loans' transaction history, and the type is displayed here just to confirm that the transactions you're viewing are in fact credits.)


The amount of the credit transaction.


The credit's category (selected from options set up in Settings > Loan > Labeling> Credit Categories.)


The payment application for the loan.


How much of the credit applied to interest.


How much of the credit applied to principal.


How much of the credit applied to discount.


How much of the credit applied to fees.

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