Create a Collector Queue

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The collector queue is designed to help you assign tasks to your collections employees. The collector queue lets you easily designate a group of loans that need collections performed on them and then assign that group to one of the users in your company.

How To

To create a new collector queue, navigate to the Loan Manager or any report that includes the Data Options drop-down. For the purposes of this article, we will start from the Loan Manager.

You can send the loans from your search results in the Loan Manager to a collector queue. First, search for the loans that you want to send to the queue. Then, to send them to the queue, select the Collector Queue option from the Data Options drop-down. Once selected, all loans currently being pulled in the Loan Manager will be sent to your Collector Queue.

Please note that through utilization of the search options in the left hand column, you can tailor the list of loans sent to the Collector Queue to only include those loans you desire. For example, you can restrict the Loan Manager to only show loans that fit within a certain delinquency bracket, or that are assigned to a specific source company.

 Once you’ve chosen the accounts you will add to the queue, you will need to enter some basic information about the queue. Enter a name for the collector queue in the Title field. Select which user the queue should be assigned to from the Assigned To field. You will also notice a summary of your search parameters displayed at the bottom of the page.

Click    to save the collector queue.

Now agent users can go to Tools > Collector Queue to work through available queues that have been created.

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