Charge Types


LoanPro lets you create a list of charge types to better organize and search for charges. Charge type is selected when you log a charge inside the system (inside a loan, Charges > Types.) This article will go over customizing the list of charge types.

How To

To add a new charge type click Add.

Enter the name of the charge type into the field provided.

Click Save to save it.

You will notice that added charge types will have three icons in the far right column of their listing. (There are some charge types that can’t be changed because they are needed to make other functions work properly.) For charge types you create, you will have the following options:

  •   edit Edit – Click this icon in order to edit the name of the charge type.
  •   delete Delete – Click this icon to delete the charge type.
  •   highlight_off Deactivate – This will let you deactivate the charge type so it will no longer show in the list of charge types when a new charge is logged.

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