Search Restrictions


Search restrictions allow you limit  agent user access to loans that are part of specific groups. Meaning, if a search restriction is placed on an agent user, they will only be able to search/pull reports by the items the restriction is setup to allow. Search restrictions are created at a company level and then assigned to specific agent users.

An example of something this would be used for, is if you have an investor that you only want to allow to see loans that are in their portfolio and no other loans.

How To

To create a search restriction navigate to Settings > Company > Access > Search Restrictions.

Click Add .

Enter a name for the search restriction in the Name field.  Use the checkboxes and toggle switches to specify the groups of loans that users with this search restriction should have access to.  Click SAVE to save the restriction.

Assign The Search Restriction

You can assign the search restriction to an agent user by navigating to Users > Agent Users inside your company account.  Click the user to whom you want to assign the search restriction.

Now click Edit.

Choose the search restriction you want from the Search Restriction Group drop-down.  Click Save to save your selection.

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