Secure Payments API – GET Billing Card


Getting a billing credit card is one of the billing credit card options available through the Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) API. Send a GET request to an endpoint that contains the card's unique Secure Payments token.


Since it's a GET request, there won't be a payload body. Here's a cURL request showing the formatting for the header and endpoint:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'authorization: YOUR AUTH' --header 'secret: YOUR SECRET' ''

The response will look something like this, with the card number will be masked except for the last four digits:

"card_number": "XXXXXXXXXXXX1111",
"type": "VISA",
"address": "123 Sample Road",
"city": "Salt Lake City",
"state": "UT",
"zipcode": "84101",
"country": "USA",
"primary": true

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