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DocuSign is a service that facilitates the signing of documents online in a legally-binding way. LoanPro is integrated with DocuSign so you can easily have your customers sign custom forms you have created.


In order to use DocuSign inside of LoanPro, you must first have a DocuSign account. It is a requirement that you sign up for an enterprise envelope account in order to use DocuSign inside of LoanPro. Once you have an enterprise envelope account with DocuSign, you will need to enter your DocuSign username and password into LoanPro so that LoanPro can communicate with your account.

To enter your DocuSign credentials into LoanPro, navigate to Settings > Company > Plugins > DocuSign.

Click  .

Enter your username and password and then click  .

Now you have the option to choose between demo mode and production mode.

Click  to edit the mode.  Select either Demo or Production from the drop-down provided and then click  to save your choice.

How To

If you have a DocuSign account that’s integrated with LoanPro, you can choose to have custom forms you create use DocuSign’s electronic signature functionality. To do this, navigate to Settings > Loan > Custom Forms > Form Management. Open any form or create a new form.

Choose to enable the form for use with DocuSign using the DocuSign enabled drop-down.

You can also use variables in order to specify where the document should be signed.  Expand the available variables by clicking Help variables .

Search the variables using DocuSign as a keyword. You can now place the variables in your document where the electronic signatures or initials should appear.

What's Next?

With everything set up, now you're ready to send the form to a customer. Check out DocuSign – Sending a Form.

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