Delete a Customer


It is possible to delete unwanted customer accounts from LoanPro. Before doing this, verify that you truly don't want the customer account or any of it's associated information.

How To

Deleting a customer account can be accomplished through the API for a single account, or through a .csv file import for individual, or multiple accounts at once. The customer id will be needed for both methods of deletion. This can be found by navigating to the Customer Manager in Loanpro and searching the specific customer.

The id of the customer is listed as a column on the Customer Manager page. You may also find the customer id through the API.

Through the API

Once you have the customer id, send a DELETE request to Make sure to change the "111" to the id of the specific customer you wish to delete. Send the request and the customer will be deleted. For more information on how to use the API click here.

Through an Import

To delete a customer account, or multiple accounts, through the Import tool, navigate to Settings > Company > Import > Instructions & Samples. 

Select the 'Information' tab under the Customer section. You can create your own .csv file following the provided instructions, or you can download the sample file in the top right corner. 

The only information required to delete a customer account is the "action" and the "customerId". The "action" will be 'remove', and the customerId can be found by searching for the specific customer in the customer manager.

Once the information has been entered in and saved in the .csv file, upload it to Loanpro under the 'Upload & History' tab and click the   button.



Click the  button to verify the .csv file. If the file returns with errors, follow the instruction given in the error message to fix the .csv file and then re-upload it. Once the file successfully validates, click the  button to start the import. After the import runs, the customer accounts will have been deleted from LoanPro. Note: Both methods of deleting only delete specific customers and their related information. They do not delete loan accounts. 

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