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A Quick Quote is a temporary loan account that will last until midnight. After that, it will be deleted from the system and cannot be recovered. Since a quick quote is a loan account, you use the same API endpoints for creating and updating loan accounts to create and update quick quotes.

Creating a Quick Quote

To create a quick quote, simply follow the steps for creating a loan, but include the added field:


Your endpoint would be the normal loan endpoint:

POST https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans

Your payload would look something like this:

Expand for Full Payload
Here's the full payload.
"displayId": "zdlkfgjmvxmcvmsljfslfrujwoieuj",
"temporaryAccount": 1,
"LoanSetup": {
"loanClass": "loan.class.carLoan",
"loanType": "loan.type.installment",
"loanAmount": 12000,
"discount": 500,
"underwriting": 0,
"loanRate": 12.0212,
"loanRateType": "loan.rateType.annually",
"loanTerm": 36,
"contractDate": "2021-05-12",
"firstPaymentDate": "2021-06-11",
"amountDown": 0,
"reserve": 5,
"salesPrice": 12000,
"gap": 1120,
"warranty": 2500,
"dealerProfit": 1000,
"taxes": 125.25,
"creditLimit": 15500,
"discountSplit": 1,
"paymentFrequency": "loan.frequency.monthly",
"calcType": "loan.calcType.simpleInterest",
"daysInYear": "loan.daysInYear.frequency",
"interestApplication": "loan.interestApplication.betweenTransactions",
"begEnd": "loan.begend.end",
"firstPeriodDays": "loan.firstPeriodDays.frequency",
"firstDayInterest": "loan.firstdayinterest.yes",
"discountCalc": "loan.discountCalc.straightLine",
"diyAlt": "loan.diyAlt.no",
"daysInPeriod": "loan.daysinperiod.24",
"roundDecimals": 5,
"lastAsFinal": "loan.lastasfinal.no",
"curtailPercentBase": "loan.curtailpercentbase.loanAmount",
"nddCalc": "loan.nddCalc.standard",
"endInterest": "loan.endInterest.no",
"feesPaidBy": "loan.feesPaidBy.date",
"graceDays": 5,
"lateFeeType": "loan.lateFee.3",
"lateFeeAmount": 30,
"lateFeePercent": 10,
"lateFeeCalc": "loan.lateFeeCalc.standard",
"lateFeePercentBase": "loan.latefeepercentbase.regular",
"paymentDateApp": "loan.pmtdateapp.actual",
"CustomFieldValues": {
"results": [
"customFieldId": 1,
"customFieldValue": ""

Converting a Quick Quote to a Loan

To convert a quick quote to a loan, you'll send a PUT request to that quick quote's endpoint.


Here's the body for that request:


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