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This article assumes you have read API – Create a Loan.

A Quick Quote is a temporary loan account that will last at least until midnight. After that, it will be deleted from the system and cannot be recovered (hence “temporary”). Since a quick quote is a loan account, you can use the same API endpoints for creating and updating loan accounts to create and update quick quotes.

Creating a Quick Quote

To create a quick quote, simply follow the steps for creating a loan, but include the added field:


Thus, your payload would look something like:

  "displayId": "L001000",
  "title": "My First Loan",
  "deleted": 0,
"temporaryAccount": 1,
  "LoanSetup": {

Converting a Quick Quote to a Loan

To convert a quick quote to a loan, simply send it a PUT request with the following body:

displayId: "<id>"

Where <id> will be replaced with the quick quote’s display id.

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