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LoanPro lets you search your loans by keyword.  This means you can enter words that will be present in some section of the loans that should result from your search.

The values that are searchable using the keyword search include the following:

  • Loan – Title, Display ID
  • Collateral – VIN, Color, GPS Code, License Plate, Info
  • Customers – First Name, Last Name, Email, SSN/SIN, Address, City, State, ZIP/Postal Code, Phone Number
  • Insurance – Name, Insured, Policy Number, Agent Name
  • Custom Fields – Depending on  settings per custom field

How To

Enter any keyword or combination of keywords that you want included in your search.  You have keyword options so you can make sure the keyword search functions in the way you expect.  The options are:

Match Type – This is a selection between a full match of the keyword(s) you entered, or a partial match.

Match Operator – This lets you select whether your keyword search should match all of the keywords (select And), or any of the keywords (select Or).

Hit Enter or click the search button to run the search.

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