Secure Payments API – Imports


Secure Payments offers the following import features through the API:


Secure Payments supports importing credit cards and checking accounts in bulk. Importing is a two-step process:

  1. An import file is uploaded
  2. If the file passes verification, it can then be imported

Each time a file is uploaded, a verification report is generated and offered for download. Similarly, when an import is executed, an import report is generated containing all the corresponding tokens.

Uploading a file generates an import entry, containing the verification and import status. Only import entries with a verified status set to true can be selected for import.

For security reasons, once an input file is verified, it will be deleted after 15 minutes. All imports must occur before the file is deleted.

Credit cards and checking accounts require a different set of fields. The format for credit card input file is:

cardholder name,expiration date (MMYYYY),card number,address,city,2 letter state code,zipcode,3 letter country code

Each field separated by a comma. For example, here is a valid row:

John doe,012017,4111111111111111,123 Oak Lane,Schenectady,NY,12345,USA

Here is an example of a checking account:

account number,routing number,account type(checking or savings),eft branch number (EFT only),eft institution number (EFT only),bank name,accountholder name,address,city,2 letter state code,zipcode,3 letter country code

And this is what a valid checking account row will look like:

123456789,987654321,checking,,,,John doe,123 Oak Lane,Schenectady,NY,12345,USA

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