Suspending Payments


Suspending payments is a way to hide forecasted payments – basic predictions of how payments will be applied in the  transactions report. When payments are suspended, forecasted payments are not shown until a specified date is reached. Please note that this does NOT affect scheduled payments or due dates.  To change scheduled payments you will need to  change due dates.

To suspend a payment, open the target loan account and navigate to Account Setup > Setup Tools > Suspend Payments (or alternatively, go to Reports > Transactions and click “Suspend Forecast Payments” in the upper-right corner of the report).

Note: This tool isn’t available if the account is not  activated.

Next, select the date that you want to suspend payments until, and then click SAVE.

Alternatively, click on one of the links under “Shortcuts” (10 Days | 30 Days | 60 Days | 90 Days) to suspend forecasted payments for a certain number of days.

To clear suspended payments, use the clear button.

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