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The Logo & Links section of the website lets you add a logo and links to some of your social media pages to the customer website that is available through LoanPro.

How To

The Logo & Links section is located at Settings > Website > Page Settings > Logo & Links inside your company account.

To upload a company logo, either drag and drop the file over the existing image, or click the image to browse for the file.

The Links area lets you add links to your social media pages.

To update the links, click on them or click on Empty.

Enter the links to your pages in the fields provided. Choose whether a particular link should be enabled using the toggle switches.  Click the check-mark to save your changes. 

You also have the option to have your company name (as entered in your  company info) appear next to the logo on your customer website.

Use the checkbox to make this selection. Your choice will be saved automatically. 

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