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This article describes how to use DocuSign with the API.

As a quick overview, our integration with DocuSign works as follows: You will send an HTTP post to an endpoint in LoanPro specifying the custom form ID and the loan ID, and you will receive a response back from the API with an embedded URL for DocuSign’s website. When the link is opened in a browser, you will be able to review the document and then send the document to the customer for signing. The customer will receive an email notification with a link to DocuSign’s website to sign the form. Once the form has been signed by the customer, a callback from DocuSign will be made to LoanPro to save the signed form in the documents section of the loan.

Please note that LoanPro’s integration is built from the lender’s perspective and assumes that the lender will first review the document and send it to the customer. It then requires the customer to open the email and click the link to sign it, all independently of LoanPro. It does not provide a method for the customer to sign it directly via the embedded URL.

How To

The API call to initiate this process from LoanPro is as follows:

POST  https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/docusign/send

This is the JSON payload required for this request (make sure to replace the loanId and customFormId as desired):

"loanId": 10526,
"customFormId": 158,
"returnUrl": "https://loanpro.simnang.com/client/app/views/docusign_sent.html"

The response you will receive from the LoanPro API will look similar to the following, and will include the embedded URL for DocuSign:

"d": {
"url": "https://demo.docusign.net/Member/StartInSession.aspx?StartConsole=1&t=7d65a8be-82b9-4329-a303-2e2f1f1f7bc2&DocuEnvelope=2f4a4469-7587-44ed-998e-191fe4375ed3&send=1"

That URL can be then be opened in a browser to continue the process with DocuSign. LoanPro will not be involved in the process again until after the document has been signed by the customer. At that time then DocuSign will send a callback request to LoanPro’s API which will send the signed document as a PDF and the signed document will be attached to the loan account.

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