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There are several ways to configure access inside LoanPro. You can configure access to the software in general, to what will be returned in search results, to Process Wizards, to specific areas of the software, and to areas and actions that are only available when certain conditions are met. This article will act as a central repository of links to articles that discuss the different aspects of access to LoanPro.

Here is a list of the topics this article will cover:

Note: Only admin users can change access settings.

Access to Areas of the Software

If you want to restrict access to specific areas of the software, the place to look is at user roles. A role lets you define what a user can see within the software. Mainly, this will let you restrict access to tabs in the software, but in some cases, will restrict whether the user can view certain buttons. Once a role is created, it must be assigned to the Agent User in order to restrict that user's access. Here is an article that covers the different things that can be restricted by a role. It is possible to totally restrict access to the software by not granting any access within the role.

Wizard-Specific Access to Areas of the Software

Standard roles can be assigned to Wizards. These roles are no different than standard roles until they are assigned to a wizard, at which time they define the access a user will have when in a wizard. If a role is created and intended for use with a wizard, it is best to use the word wizard somewhere in the name of the role. Access granted by a wizard role supersedes access granted by an assigned agent role. This will ensure that a user can access all the needed areas in order to fulfill the purpose of a wizard.

Granting Access to Specific Wizards

Wizard groups grant the user access to a specific group of wizards. When creating a wizard group, you can choose exactly which wizards members of the group will see when they navigate to the Process Wizards area of a loan.

Restricting Search Results

Search Restrictions are used to limit the accounts returned by a user search. You can set up a search restriction using the same set of filters that are used when searching for loans. This means that loans can move in an out of the allowed search results based on whether they fall within the parameters that define the restriction.

Restricting Actions Within a Loan

Restriction Groups or Frozen Resources let you restrict actions that a user is allowed to perform when inside a loan.

Restricting Software Access By Location

IP restrictions let you specify IP addresses from which the software can or can't be accessed.

Restricting Loan-Summary Data

Loan Summary Views can be created that will show only selected data on the summary page for a loan account.

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