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New Feature Update: In a recent release, we added the ability to save multiple collateral items to a single loan. With that, we've also added new context engine variables that pull data for specific collateral items based on their position ID. When setting up a custom loan summary view, you can use those variables to specify which collateral item you want to display.


Different companies require different things from the Loan Summary tab. In an effort to make the loan summary more useful for a greater number of clients, LoanPro added the custom loan summary feature. This feature lets you make decisions about the information displayed in the loan summary and how it is displayed.

Creating a Custom Summary View

To create a custom summary view, navigate to Settings > Company > Access > Views inside your account.

Click the icon to the right of the custom views to duplicate any of the current views. The new view will not be saved until you choose to save it. Enter a name for the new view into the “Name” field.

The area under the name field is divided into four sections: Summary, Statistics, Payoff, and Notes. Use the toggle switch to specify whether each section should be included or not. You can also click and drag the sections to choose which quadrant each will appear in.


The summary section lets you choose the information it will display by adding or removing variables. You can change the order of these variables by dragging and dropping them.

To remove a variable, click the 'x' icon to the right. To add a new variable, click 'Add Context Variable.

You can search for specific variables in the 'Search by keyword' field. You can expand any of the sections under the search bar. Click the plus icon to expand variable options.

If the variable can be added to the summary, the Help Variable ID will be a blue link. Click on that link to include the variable in the summary.

Array variables work somewhat differently than variables with a single value. When you choose to add an array variable, you will click one of the options provided instead of the main variable name.

Once you have selected the variable, you will be prompted to add a property name for the variable. This is usually either "value" (for custom fields, checklist items, etc.) or "calculated-value" for computation fields, but it may be different depending on the variable.

Once you enter the property name, click 'Save'.

Statistics, Payoff, and Notes

This section all work the same, to remove an item from one of these sections, mouse over it and click the red 'x' icon to delete. To add a new statistic, click the green 'Add' button.

Click the item you want and it will be added to the section.

The icon to the left of the views is where you can select which view you want to use.

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