Cross Tenant Access

What is Cross Tenant Access?

LoanPro provides the ability for a single agent user to have access to multiple tenants within the software.

Cross Tenant Access is granting a single agent user access to multiple tenants in LoanPro without having to have different login credentials for each tenant. The user can then be designated different levels of access depending on the tenant they are working in.

How can cross tenant access be achieved?

For security purposes, clients may NOT grant cross tenant access to their own agent users.

In order to grant a user cross tenant access, you will need to first fill out the Cross Tenant Access Request Form below completely. Note: You will need to either print or download this form, complete and sign it, then upload the form to your computer to send to SOS Support.


Once you have finished, you will need to email the completed form to an SOS Support Representative at

Finishing Up

When LoanPro Support has received the form, a representative will grant the requested cross tenant access then reply to your email with a confirmation of completion.

At this point, you will be responsible for completing the configuration of the user in the tenant that they have received access to. This can be done in Users > Agent Users > Click on the User > Click Edit.

This will allow you to select the settings for this user including; Role, IP Restrictions, Loan Summary Template, New Account Default Settings, Shortcuts Set, Search Restrictions Group, Wizards Group, Sound Group, and Restriction Groups.

Once you have selected all of the desired settings for the Agent User, click Save. You are done!

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