API – Payment Status Collection


This collection is used to display payment status. This is not the LoanPro payment status, but the status received from the processor. What that means is when the processor reports a new payment status, it is sent to Secure Payments and then passed to LoanPro. For ACH payments, this may happen over several days.

This collection can be found in the payment_info_entity table.

Payment Status (payment.status)


(None) No payment status has been received from the processor.


(Approved) The payment has been approved by the processor. Approved usually means the transaction will go through, but the funds haven't settled to the receiving account yet.


(Charged Back) The payment has been charged back by the processor. Charge backs are requested by the cardholder and are only relevant to bank-card payments.


(Failed) The processor was unable to process the payment.


(In Review) The processor is reviewing the payment either because it was requested by the cardholder (possibly for a chargeback) or for other risk assessment or risk management purposes.


(Pending) The payment has been received by the processor, but has not yet been processed.


(Pending Refund) The merchant has requested that the payment be refunded, but the funds have not yet settled to the originating account.


(Refunded) The payment was successfully processed, but then refunded. This status means the refund is complete and funds have settled.


(Settled) Funds for the payment have been received by the merchant.


(Success) This means that a requested payment processed successfully. Depending on the processor and payment type, funds may not have settled yet.


(Void Declined) Payments can only be voided when they are still pending. Void declined means a void was requested but could not be completed (usually because the payment is already processing).


(Voided) A void was completed, which stops a payment from processing after it was submitted to the processor.

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