API – Predict Payment Application


With LoanPro, you can preview how a payment is applied before it is logged. To do this, send a POST request to a URL formatted as:


The body is formatted as follows:

  "Date": "2015-11-30",
  "Amount": "225.26",
  "PaymentTypeId": 1,
  "Extra": "payment.extra.tx.principal",
  "chargeFeeType": "loan.cardfee.types.1",
  "chargeFeeAmount": "5",
  "chargeFeePercentage": "5"
  • Date – The date on which the payment will apply (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Amount – The amount of the payment
  • PaymentTypeId – The ID of the payment type (options in tenant settings)
  • Extra – How to apply extra (see Payment Collections)
  • chargeFeeType – The type of fee to charge (see Payment Collections)
  • chargeFeeAmount – The amount to charge as a fee
  • chargeFeePercentage – The fee percentage

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