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The Customer Tools rules application lets you use customer tools based on rules you enter. This includes things like pulling credit, social profile lookup, address verification, and  OFAC compliance testing.


To access Customer Tools rules applied, navigate to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Customer Tools inside your LoanPro Account.

Add a New Rule Application

Click  to add a new rule application.

Enter a name for the rule application and click Empty to enter the rule that will trigger the changes. Check the “Add To New Loans” box if new loans should be enrolled for this rule application by default. Use the other boxes to choose when this rule should be evaluated on enrolled loans. The following options are available:

  • Preactivation Loan – Rules will be evaluated in real time for loans both before and after they have been activated.
  • Evaluate In Real Time – Rules will be evaluated in real time for loans that have been activated.
  • Evaluate in Daily Maintenance – Rules will be evaluated during the daily maintenance cycle for loans that have been activated.

Now, use the drop-down to specify whether changes should be made for the primary or secondary customer.

Finally, choose which customer tools should run when the rule is true. The options include:

  • Pull Credit
  • Lookup Social Profile
  • Pull OFAC
  • Validate Primary Address
  • Validate Phone Carrier
  • Validate Mailing Address

Once you have made your selections, click Save.

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