Due Date Changes Report


The due date changes report gives you a way to look up due dates that have been changed on all your customer accounts.

How to

To run a due date changes report navigate to Reports > Transactions History > Due Date Changes inside your company account.

You can filter changed due dates by two date ranges.  The first range looks at the original payment due dates, that is, the due dates before they were changed.  The second date range pertains to the new payment due dates, that is, the due dates after they were changed.  If you enter both date ranges, then in order for a due date change to be included in the report, the original due date must fall within the first date range AND the new due date must fall within the second date range.

To select a date range, either click directly in the date range field and select your range using the advanced date picker, or select a predefined range from the drop-down.

The drop-down options are: Today, This week, 30 days, Month to date, Year to date, Yesterday, Last week, Last month, Last year, Custom, and Other.  Most of these are self-explanatory, but lets look at custom and other.  Other is the selection that is automatically chosen when you enter a custom date range using the advanced date picker.

Custom lets you approach entering a date range in a different way.  You will be able to enter both a start and and end date for your date range as a number of days ago.

Once you have entered one or both of the date ranges you can select any filters you want from the advanced option search.  Now, click  to run the report.

Once the report has run, you can use the data options to perform further actions on the accounts from the report.


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