Creating A New Source Company


Whether you're using the Source Company Manager to track which business allies referred customers to you, or to manage employees and cash drawers at your brick-and-mortar locations, the process of creating a new source company follows the same steps.

To start, you'll want to navigate to the Source Company Manager. From anywhere in LoanPro, go to the banner across the top of the page and click Users > Source Company Manager.

From this page, click the 'New Source Company' button in the top right, just below the dashboard. This takes you to a new screen where you'll enter that source company's information.

General Info

The first page covers general info about the new source company, like the company's name, phone number, prefix and suffix. Prefixes and suffixes will edit the ID of loans created with this source company, and can be used to more easily distinguish where a loan originated.

This page will also include any custom fields you've created for your source companies; the image below includes fields for a store number, time zone, and branch size. (For more information, see our article on Source Company Custom Fields.)

Scrolling further down, there are fields for the source company's address. When you're done entering the information, click 'Next' to move on to the Employees page.


The second page of source company creation lets you add employees. They can be added from your existing LoanPro users, or you can create new Users with the button in the top right. Employees is typically used by tenants whose source companies are brick-and-mortar locations — this let's them connect an employee to a cash drawer or vault.

You can add as many or as few employees as you'd like. (Afterward, you can add or remove employees with the Source Company Employee Tab).

When you've added all the employees you want, go ahead and click 'Save' in the bottom right corner. Your new source company is saved, and you'll now be able to add it to a loan in Loan Settings or edit it back in the Source Company Manager.

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