Statements (Company)


The statements area lets you view billing data for your company. Navigate to Account > Billing & Statements > Statements.

To view your billing data, first choose the month from the month drop-down at the top of the page. This drop-down will default to the current month.

Billing Details

This section gives a breakdown of the costs for each LoanPro service used. The first line shows the total for all services. The second line shows the total incurred for the monthly membership fee. The third line shows a breakdown for monthly billable accounts.

If you click  , you will be shown how many billable accounts you have, and the cost per billable account. To see more information about billable accounts and how they are defined, click the  Go to Billable Account Details link.

Whithin the "Monthly usage fee" section you can view the usage and transaction details for each subsection adding into the monthly usage fee.

You can click   to be taken to the Usage Details tab or   to be taken to the  Transaction Details tab.

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