Verify Email Address


LoanPro uses an integration with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to facilitate email correspondence.  You have the option to use your own email service as well. Even though all emails sent through LoanPro are actually sent by an outside service, you can make it look like they are coming from your email addresses.  In order to do this, addresses must first be verified by Amazon SES or your email provider.

How To

Email addresses can be verified by navigating to Settings > Company > Emails > Email Addresses.

To add an email address, click Edit.

Select the category of the email you entered from the drop-down on the left. Enter the email address in the field provided. Click  Save to save the email address.

Click Verify In Connections to verify the address. If you have more than one email address entered, you can click the key icon to set the email address as primary. 

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