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Company Settings are used to set basic information for your business's contact information. If you'd like to update the settings that apply to your company, navigate to Account > Company Profile > Company Settings.

Next, click 'Edit' to make any changes.

Here is a breakdown of the information that can be updated on this page:




The timezone drop-down lets you select the time zone that will be used for your company inside of LoanPro Software. All of the displayed times will be adjusted for the time zone you select.

Lien Holder Code

This is your company’s lien holder code. The lien holder code is a variable for use inside of LoanPro.  It can be used in custom forms, payment receipts, print bills, etc.

Cutoff Date

The Cutoff Date is used as an absolute start date for all company loans and transactions. LoanPro will not let you create loans or log transactions previous to the Cutoff Date. This is used as a safeguard to prohibit your personnel from creating loans or logging transactions on dates that are years away from the intended date.

Date Format

The date format selection lets you choose how dates will be displayed within the LoanPro system. The format you choose will affect all dates system-wide.

Include Today’s Interest in Payoff

Here, you can select whether to include or exclude the interest for the final day of the loan in the payoff amount. More often than not, this selection is not based on a state regulation but is simply a company choice.

Lease Payoff Calculation

This sets a Lease Payoff Calculation for the whole tenant. The options are Standard or Full.

  • Standard: Principal Balance + Due Fees + Payoff Fees + Escrow bucket(s) options on payoff + Due Interest
  • Full: Principal Balance + Due Fees + Payoff Fees + Escrow bucket(s) options on payoff + Finance Charge (from TIL box) – Paid Interest.

After you solidifying your settings choices, click 'Save'.

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