API – Misc Endpoints


This is a list of miscellaneous endpoints that don’t require any special parameters. Just replace {id} with the ID of the corresponding entity (and see our article on Finding Loan and Customer IDs if you're not sure how). Replace {date} with the desired date formatted “YYYY-MM-DD”.

Calculator Endpoints

  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetLoanPayoff({date})
    • Gets the loan payoff for a specific date
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetPaymentSummary()
    • Gets the payment summary for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetFinalPaymentDiff()
    • Gets the final payment difference
  • GET https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/Loans({id})/Autopal.RunCalc()
    • Runs the calculator on a loan

Loan Endpoints

  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetStatus({date})
    • Gets the status of the loan on a given date
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.isSetup()
    • Returns whether or not the loan has been setup
  • POST Loans({id})/AutoPal.Activate()
    • Activates a given loan
  • PUT Loans({id})/AutoPal.GetInterestBasedOnTier()
    • Gets the interest of a loan based on it’s loan amount tier as determined by the tenant settings
  • POST Loans({id})/Autopal.GetNextScheduledPayment()
    • Gets the next scheduled payment for a loan
  • POST odata.svc/Loans({id})/Autopal.ResetStoplight()
    • Resets the stoplight for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetPreModSetup()
    • Gets the loan setup of the last modification for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/AutoPal.GetLastActivityDate()
    • Gets the last activity date for a loan
  • POST Loans({id})/Autopal.ProcessAutopay({id})
    • Processes the specified Autopay for the designated loan
  • POST Loans({id})/Autopal.ReschedulePastAutopays()
    • Reschedules past Autopays for a loan
  • POST Loans({id})/Autopal.CancelPastAutopays()
    • Cancels past Autopays for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.isLateFeeCandidate()
    • Returns whether or not the loan qualifies for a late fee

Statistics Endpoints

  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetAdminStats()
    • returns the Admin stats for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.PaidBreakdown()
    • gets the paid breakdown for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetInterestFeesHistory()
    • gets the interest-fee history for a loan
  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetBalanceHistory()
    • gets the balance history for a loan

Reports Endpoints

  • GET Loans({id})/Autopal.GetFlagArchiveReport
    • Returns the flag archive report for a loan
  • GET Autopal.AutopaysExcel
    • Returns an Autopay report in CSV format
  • POST Loans({ID})/Autopal.RunReverseCalc()
    • Runs (calculates) the reverse calculated report so it is up to date.

Tools Endpoints

  • POST odata.svc/Customers({id})/Autopal.OfacTest()

Data Endpoints

  • payments({id])/receipt
    • Get the receipt for the specified payment

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