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This article goes over roll payments in the API.

Preview Roll Payment

To preview a roll payment, send a GET request to:

GET https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/Loans(<id>)/Autopal.RollPayment(<amount>,<method>)

Don't forget to replace the <id> with that of you target loan, along with the <amount> and <method>.

Set Roll Payment

To roll a payment for a loan, send a POST request to the following URL:

POST https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/Loans(<id>)/Autopal.RollPayment()

Replace the <id> with your loan id.

The body is formatted as follows:

  "amount": "100.00",
  "method": "loan.rollPayment.loanRate",
  "amountIncludes": {
    "escrow": [

Replace the "amount" and "method" with the values for your roll payment.

Below is a table explaining all possible variables for the payload.


method Value



The target payment amount


The method for rolling the payment, formatted “loan.rollPayment.<method>” for loans, and “loan.rollPaymentLease.<method>” for leases.

fee (loan value)

Change Underwriting/Refinance Fee

loanRate (loan & lease value)

Change interest rate

term (loan value)

Change Whole Term (term as a whole number)

termExact (loan & lease value)

Change term (includes partial terms)


Add an array labelled “escrow” with any escrows to include in the payment calculation

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