Loan Alerts


While LoanPro offers the ability to add notes to a customer or customer account, sometimes there is information on an account that is important enough that it should be clearly visible and searchable separate from the account notes.  This is exactly what alerts are.  This article will cover how to use alerts within our loan servicing software, but won’t go over  updating alerts.

Where Alerts Are Found

You can view a loan alert by mousing over the  icon on a loan listing in the Loan Manager.

Alerts can also be found on the summary page of any account inside LoanPro software.  You can also view the alert on any page of the account by hovering over  in the account header.

You can see the history of alerts on an account in Servicing > Notes/Alerts > Loan Alert inside any customer account.

Since only one alert can be present on an account, keeping track of the alert history is important.  Finally, you can view a report of alerts located in Reports > Transaction History > Loan Alerts.

Using Alerts

Usually, an alert is a message that you want anyone who opens an account, for any reason, to be aware of.  Since only one alert is present on an account at a time, it is easier to search for alerts in your system than to search through  notes.  The  Loan Alerts report lets you search through all the alerts in your company.  You should be able to easily find an alert and the account the alert is on through the report.

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