Checklists help you manage processes for loans that aren’t natively supported by LoanPro, such as ensuring that proper documentation is received before the loan is funded, or that everything has been done to process a bankruptcy.

When a checklist item is marked as complete, the date and time are recorded in LoanPro, so you can see when each item was completed.

Additionally, you can search by checklist items to see which loans are in which step of the process.

To learn about configuring checklists, see Configure Checklist.

Marking Checklists

To mark a checklist, open up the desired loan and navigate to Servicing > Checklist.

A page similar to the one below will appear.

To mark an item in a checklist, simply click the checkbox next to the item. To unmark an item, click on the marked checkbox next to the item.

Dates will appear next to marked items; the history of checklist changes is at the bottom of the page.

Searching by Checklist

To search by checklist, go to the  Loan Manager page. Under the Grouping category, click   and then select which checklist items you wish to see selected and/or unselected. When you’re done, click SAVE.

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