Checklists help you manage loan processes that aren’t natively supported by LoanPro. This feature is perfect for standardizing your company-specific processes, such as ensuring that proper documentation is received before a loan is funded.

When a checklist item is marked as complete, the date and time are recorded in LoanPro so that you can see when each item was completed. Additionally, you can search by checklist items to see which loans are in which step of the process. Below, we explain how to create your own checklists, use them on loans, and use them as search parameters.

Creating Checklists

To create, view, or edit a checklist, navigate to Settings > Loan > Checklist inside your company account.

To create a new checklist, click the 'Add' button in the top right corner. This will display the checklist creation page where you can enter a title and description for the checklist and determine its status. Once those fields are complete, you can begin building the checklist steps by clicking 'Add Checklist Item'.

Adding steps to your checklist is straightforward—simply set a name, description, and active status. Your checklist items can be as descriptive as you'd like, as long as they stay within 250 characters. Continue to create checklist items until you are satisfied and finish your checklist by clicking 'Save'.

After you have saved your checklist, it will now be listed on the checklists page as shown below.

Using Checklists

To use a checklist, navigate to a specific loan and select Servicing > Checklist. This page displays all active checklists and allows you to mark which checklist items have been completed for the loan.

To mark an item in a checklist, simply click the checkbox next to the item. To unmark an item, click the checkbox again. Dates will appear next to marked items, and the history of checklist changes is at the bottom of the page.

Searching by Checklist

You can search loans by their checklist status with the advanced filters in the loan manager. The advanced filters can be accessed by clicking the button highlighted in red in the image below.

Checklist status is located under the Servicing category. Here, you can select which checklist items to filter for. After making your checklist selection, click 'Apply Filters'. Now, only loans with your chosen checklist parameters will display.

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