There are many places inside LoanPro where addresses can be entered, but no matter where you are entering them in the LoanPro system, the processes are very similar. This article will give details on what fields you'll enter for the address information.

Address Information

Addresses in LoanPro largely contain the same data, but the labels and formatting of the fields will be different depending on which country the address is located in. Here are the available address fields:


This selection box appears first because your selection here will change the labeling and formatting of some of the other data fields. The country options are United States and Canada.


This field is where the street address should be entered.

Verify this address

This checkbox is available if the country selected is the United States. If this box is checked, the address will be matched against the United States Postal Service (USPS) database before it’s saved. Checking th

ZIP/Postal Code

This field will be labeled differently and have different formatting depending on your country selection. If the address you are entering is located in the United States. When you click out of the field, it will decode the city and state for the ZIP code you entered. This data comes first from the LoanPro database and then if it isn’t found there, from the USPS database.


This field is for the city where the address is located.


Here you can select the state or province where the address is located.

Depending on where the address is located in the system, you might be given links to autofill the information from another source. For example, you may get the option to set a mailing address to be the same as a primary address or the option to set a payment profile address to be the same as a customer’s address.

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