Banking Holidays


Bank employees don't want to work on Christmas, which is understandable. With banks closed on holidays, though, any payments you send won't actually get processed until the bankers are back to work. There could be a delay of a few days before you know if a payment was successful or failed.

For that reason, many lenders avoid processing payments on banking holidays. LMS even has settings that can help you automatically schedule all payments on banking days.

Which Holidays are Banking Holidays?

For starters, banks are all closed on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to weekends, they'll also close on these holidays. This table shows each holiday, when it falls, and when a payment would process if you set it to fall before or after the banking holiday.


Occurs On

Observed in 2022

2022 Process Date if Moved Back

2022 Process Date if Moved Forward

Observed in 2023

New Years Day

The first day of the year, January 1.

Dec. 31

Dec. 30

Jan. 3

Jan. 2

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The third Monday of January

Jan. 17

Jan. 14

Jan. 18

Jan. 16

Presidents' Day

The third Monday of February

Feb. 21

Feb. 18

Feb. 22

Feb. 20

Memorial Day

The last Monday of May

May 30

May 27

May 31

May 29


June 19

June 20

June 17

June 21

June 19

Independence Day

July 4th

July 4

July 1

July 5

July 4

Labor Day

The first Monday of September

Sep. 5

Sep. 2

Sep. 6

Sep. 4

Columbus Day

The second Monday of October

Oct. 10

Oct. 7

Oct. 11

Oct. 9

Veteran's Day

November 11th

Nov. 11

Nov. 10

Nov. 14

Nov. 10

Thanksgiving Day

The 4th Thursday of November

Nov. 24

Nov. 23

Nov. 25

Nov. 23

Christmas Day

December 25th

Dec. 26

Dec. 23

Dec. 27

Dec. 25

Common Uses & Questions

Why are the dates different from year to year? Some holidays are always on a certain day of the week, meaning their calendar date will be different from one year to the next. Others, like Christmas or New Year's, might fall on a weekend. Bankers will of course celebrate Christmas on Sunday the 25th, but they'll still want a day off, so they take it Friday or Monday.

  • Using Dates in Computation Rules – If you're using dates in Rules Applied, you can use the u/banking-days-between utility function in addition to u/date-compare.
  • AutoPay Defaults – You can set up your AutoPays so that they'll only process on banking days.
  • Add a Nacha Processor – When you create a NACHA processor, you can choose whether or not it will batch transactions on banking holidays. You can use LoanPro's default list, or set your own dates.

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