Credit Pulling


It can be useful to know your customers' credit statuses before issuing them loans. That's why LoanPro is integrated with a service called Credco to enable credit pulling within our system.

In order to pull credit, you will first need an account with Credco. Once you have a Credco account, Credco will issue you a username and password. To use the LoanPro integration, enter your username and password into your linked Connections account.

How to Pull a Credit Report

There are two ways you can pull a credit report in LMS. Within a specific loan, navigate to Customer > Customers Name > Contact and Personal Information. In the contact information tab you will see underneath the customer's name 'Credit Score' and next to it click on 'Pull credit scores'.

You will be taken to a screen that show's the customer you're pulling credit for.

You should get a popup that lets you choose which credit bureaus you want to pull from. You also have a box to check if you’d like the credit report saved as a PDF on the customer’s file. To continue with the credit pull, click 'Pull credit score now'. This will pull the customer’s credit, enter the scores into the Credit Score page, and, if you chose to save the credit report, it will save a PDF to the Customer Documents.

Customer Tools

You can also pull credit by navigating to Customer > Customer Name > Customer Tools > Credit Score. To pull the credit score, click the button 'Pull Credit Score Now'.

After clicking that button, you will be taken to the credit score report screen where you can select the credit bureau from which you want to pull the credit from.

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