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When updating a payment, there is one extra field that needs to be set. This field is the comments field. The comments field is required, and allows you to keep track of why a payment was changed.

To change a payment, send a PUT request with the appropriate fields for updating an entity and the fields needed for the payment, as well as the comments field. Below is a sample request for updating a payment with the id 937. The comments field is in bold

  "Payments": {
    "results": [
        "id": 937,
        "displayId": 3710,
        "payoffFlag": 0,
        "info": "11/17/2015",
        "date": "2015-11-17",
        "priorcutoff": false,
        "amount": "60.19",
        "paymentMethodId": 19,
        "paymentTypeId": 4,
        "extra": "payment.extra.tx.principalonly",
        "active": 1,
        "beforeAmountPastDue": "0.00",
        "beforeDaysPastDue": 0,
        "beforeNextDueAmount": "67.19",
        "beforeNextDueDate": "2015-11-20",
        "beforePayoff": "1351.73",
        "beforePrincipalBalance": "1333.00",
        "comments": "This is a comment",
        "early": 1,
        "echeckAuthType": "payment.echeckauth.TEL",
        "status": "None",
        "sortDate": 201511171,
        "systemComments": [
        "chargeOffRecovery": 0,
        "CustomFieldValues": {
          "results": []
        "order": 3,
        "_notEditable": false,
        "payoffPayment": false,
        "quickPay": "",
        "__logOnly": true,
        "__id": 937,
        "__update": true

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