API – Customer-Facing Website Dedicated Login Page


Through the API you can easily create a dedicated login page or add a login area to an existing website.

How To

To log the user into the customer-facing website, first send the user credentials to the following endpoint:


The payload should look something like this:

username: _username,
password: _password,
logout: _website

The username and password properties are necessary for the user to log in. The logout property lets you choose where the user should be redirected to when they log out of your website.

LoanPro will respond with the following payload:

"d": {
"id": "1",
"type": "customer.type.individual",
"name": "John Kennedy",
"sessionId": "jg0m2sls65lm58FdrR5q3sb625",
"postLoginPage": "postLogin.php?u=eyJpZCI6IjEiLCJ0eXBlIjoi58efTE4d8udHlwZS5pbmRpdmlkdWFsIiwibmFtZSI6Im9zY2FyIEY0IEtlbm5lZHkiLCJzZXNzaW9uSWQiOiJqZzBtMnNsczY1bG0waHRzN2I3cTNzYjYyNSJ9"

You must then redirect the user to the customer-facing website by creating a URL using the postLoginPage URL added to the base URL for your customer-facing website. If the base URL for your customer-facing website is yourcompany.loanpro.software, the URL will look something like this: yourcompany.loanpro.software/postLogin.php?u=eyJpZCI6IjEiLCJ0eXBlIjoi58efTE4d8udHlwZS5pbmR pdmlkdWFsIiwibmFtZSI6Im9zY2FyIEY0IEtlbm5lZHkiLCJzZXNzaW9uSWQiOiJqZzBtMnNsczY1bG0waHRzN2I3cTNzYjYyNSJ9.

Redirecting the user to this URL will take them to the post-login view of the customer-facing website.

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