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You can easily create a dedicated login page or add a login area to an existing website by using the API. This articles explains that process. If you'd like to learn more about using the LMS UI to create customer-facing pages, check out our Customer Website article.

How To

To log the user into the customer-facing website, first send the user credentials to the following endpoint:


Remember to replace {tenantId} with the ID of your tenant account.

The payload should look something like this:

"username": "_username",
"password": "_password",
"logout": "_website"

The username and password properties are necessary for the user to log in. The logout property lets you choose where the user should be redirected to when they log out of your website.

LoanPro will respond with a payload that looks like the following:

"d": {
"id": "1",
"type": "customer.type.individual",
"name": "John Doe",
"sessionId": "jg0m2sls65lm58FdrR5q3sb625",
"postLoginPage": "postLogin.phpu=eyJpZCI6IjEiLCJ0eXBlIjoi58efTE4d8udHlwZS5pbmRpdmlkdWFsIiwibmFtZSI6Im9zY2FyIEY0IEtlbm5lZHkiLCJzZXNzaW9uSWQiOiJqZzBtMnNsczY1bG0waHRzN2I3cTNzYjYyNSJ9"

You must then redirect the user to the customer-facing website by creating a URL using the postLoginPage URL added to the base URL for your customer-facing website.

If the base URL for your customer-facing website is yourcompany.loanpro.software, the URL will look something like this:


Redirecting the user to the URL listed above will take them to the post-login view of the customer-facing website.

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