Scheduled Payments Report


The scheduled payments shows information about scheduled payments on loans within your company. Scheduled payments are not necessarily payments that were made on a loan, but simply payments that were scheduled. This report is typically used to look at the amount that was scheduled to be collected over a date range, and then compare that with the amount that was actually collected. With that comparison, you can assess how effective your collections are.

Running the Report

To open the Scheduled Payments report, navigate to Reports > Forecast > Scheduled Payments.

On the left, you can edit both the time range you'd and the group of loans you'd like to search.

You can do this by selecting a range from the drop-down, or you may manually enter the date range by clicking in the date range field and using the date picker. Below the dates is the Advanced Option Search. The parameters in this section let you filter the search with loan grouping options like loan status and brackets.

Once you’ve selected a date range and any other filters, click the magnifying glass icon in the search bar to run the search.

From there, you can use the  drop-down to export the results.

Any of the payments in the report can be clicked, which will direct you to the loan where the payment is scheduled.

What's Next

Here are some other reports you may be interest in:

  • The Payments Breakdown Report shows what payments were actually made. You can compare the results from the Scheduled Payments and Payments Breakdown reports to get a sense of how effective your collections efforts are.
  • While the Scheduled Payment report shows payments that had been scheduled in the past, the Forecasted Payment Report shows those that lie in the future.

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