Brackets are designed to let you filter your reports and searches by a specific range for each bracket item. Your bracket filters can be found in the advanced option search, which is a part of most reports and searches.

Available Brackets

You have the following types of brackets available to you:




The number of days since the contract date on an account. (This will always be an absolute value.)

Amount Past Due

The amount that is currently due on an account.

Days Past Due

The number of days that an account is past due.

Human Activity

The number of days since something that required human input (not a part of the daily update) happened on an account.

Loan Recency

The number of days since a payment was made on an account. (-1 means the borrower has never made a payment.)

Principal Balance

The current principal balance of an account.


The total payoff amount of an account.

Original Loan Amount

The total original loan amount.

Updating a Bracket

To update or create a new bracket, navigate to Settings > Company > Brackets inside your company account. Each bracket type is a sub-tab of this section.

Click 'Add' to create a new bracket. Enter in the begin day and end day values and then click 'Save'. If you enter 0 as the end value, it will include everything from the 'begin' value and up.

By default, there will always be an option for “equals 0” present when using the Principal Balance or Payoff bracket to perform a search.

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