Escrow Estimated Disbursements


Estimated disbursements are the estimated payments you will have to make from the money you collect in an escrow account. Estimated disbursements are used in escrow analysis.

How To

To create a new estimated disbursement, navigate to Loan Settings > Escrow inside of a loan.

Choose the escrow bucket you want to add the disbursement for using the buttons at the top of this section.  Once you’ve chosen the escrow bucket, navigate to the Estimated Disbursements tab.  Click .

The following options are available when entering a new estimated disbursement:

  • Date – The date on which the next estimated disbursement will come due.
  • Estimated Amount – The amount of the next estimated disbursement.
  • Recurring Frequency – The frequency with which disbursements from this escrow account typically come due.
  • Memo – Any additional information you want to add about the estimated disbursement.
  • Category – The escrow disbursement category. The available options are the escrow transaction categories.
  • Vendor – The company or organization to which the disbursement will be made. The vendors list can be customized in Settings > Loan > Escrow > Vendors.

Once you have entered the information for the estimated disbursement, click .  You are done!

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