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The Profile area of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is where you view and update information that concerns your communication with Secure Payments. This includes three sections: API Credentials, Communication, and Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

API Credentials

The API Credentials page shows the information needed to interact with Secure Payments via the API.




Your username for logging into Secure Payments

Account Created Date

The date your Secure Payments account was created

Last Updated Date

The date you Secure Payments account was last updated

Days Since Last Update

The number of days since your Secure Payments account was updated

Days to Expire

The number of days until you Secure Payments account will expire

Password (Encrypted)

Your password to log in to Secure Payments


The token used to reference your Secure Payments account when using the API


The secret key used to authenticate your account when using the API

You can change your current password by clicking the edit button.

A warning text will pop-up explaining potential consequences of changing the password if the account is linked to a Loan Management System account. Click I Understand if you wish to proceed.

To change your password, simply enter your current password, the new password, and click Save.


The Communication tab lets you view and change the email where Secure Payments notifications are sent. Although this defaults to your username, changing this will not change your username. To edit this email, click the blue pencil icon in the top right corner. From there, just enter the new email and click 'Save'.


When logging into the system, you have six attempts to before your account will be locked for 30 minutes this helps prevent brute-force, break-in attempts. You can either wait 30 minutes or contact an administrator to lift the lock. If your session is idle for 15 minutes, your session will be automatically ended, and you will be logged out of the software.

Each time you set a password it is good for 90 days, after which you will be required to change it. Passwords can’t be reused! Any new password must be different from the last 4 passwords. Try to avoid slight variations, such as and . For this reason, Secure Payments recommends the use of password managers to use fully randomized complex and unique passwords each time.

Multi-Factor Authentication

On the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Settings page, you can request to update your MFA, which is required for file upload in Secure Payments.

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