Connections Reports


The reports section is designed to give you more information about the services you are using inside of Connections. Here, you can see the amount spent on those services.

The main section shows each use of a Connections service. You can filter this list by specific service using the drop-down at the top of the section. You can also filter by a specific date range as well. 

Each listing contains the following information:

  • ID – This is the identification number of the transaction.
  • Date – This is the date and time when the transaction was completed.
  • Service – This is the Connections service that was used.
  • Details – These are the details of the transaction. If more information is available, you can click the 'More' to view it. The information includes:
    • Charges – The cost of the transaction.
    • Service response – The results of the transaction.

The right column gives summary numbers of the total charged for transactions by service and the number of uses of each service.

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