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This article catalogues the different values used in API requests relating to AutoPays. For the URL, full body, and some background info on the topic, check out our article on Creating AutoPays in the API.

Amount Type

  • autopay.amountType.feesDue – The Autopay amount will equal the amount of fees currently due
  • autopay.amountType.nextDue – The Autopay amount will be the next due amount
  • autopay.amountType.pastDue – The Autopay amount will be the amount past due on the account
  • autopay.amountType.piPastDue – The Autopay amount will equal the amount of principal and interest past due on the account
  • autopay.amountType.static – The Autopay amount will be the amount specified in the amount field

Method Type

  • autopay.methodType.debit – Debit
  • autopay.methodType.echeck – E-Check
  • autopay.methodType.eft – EFT (electronic funds transfer is only used for Canadian customers)

Recurring frequency

  • autopay.recurringFrequency.annually – The Autopay recurs annually
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.biWeekly – The Autopay recurs bi-weekly
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.custom – The Autopay recurs at a custom interval
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.monthly – The Autopay recurs monthly
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.quarterly – The Autopay recurs quarterly
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.semiannually – The Autopay recurs semi-annually
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.semiMonthly – The Autopay recurs semi-monthly
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.single – The Autopay occurs only once
  • autopay.recurringFrequency.weekly – The Autopay recurs weekly

Autopay Status

  • autopay.status.cancelled – The Autopay has been cancelled
  • autopay.status.completed – The Autopay completed successfully
  • autopay.status.failed – The Autopay failed
  • autopay.status.pending – The Autopay is pending for processing

Autopay Type

  • autopay.type.recurring – The Autopay recurs at a regular interval
  • autopay.type.recurringMatch – The Autopay processes when a payment comes due on the account
  • autopay.type.single – The Autopay occurs once

Payment Method Account Type

  • bankacct.type.checking
  • bankacct.type.savings

Payment Method Auth Type

  • payment.echeckauth.WEB – Payment authorized via the web
  • payment.echeckauth.PPD – Payment authorized via personal signature
  • payment.echeckauth.CCD – Payment authorized via company signature
  • payment.echeckauth.TEL – Payment authorized via telephone

Process Date Condition

  • calendarDays – Process payments on calendar days
  • bankingDays – Process payments on banking days

Recurring Date Option

  • autopay.recurringDate.applyDate – The next autopay in the cycle will be scheduled based on the apply date
  • autopay.recurringDate.processDate – The next autopay in the cycle will be scheduled based on the process date


  • autopay.schedulingType.calendarDay – If the payment falls on a non-banking day, process date should be on that day
  • autopay.schedulingType.bankingDayPrior – If the payment falls on a non-banking day, process date should be adjusted to the prior banking day
  • autopay.schedulingType.bankingDayNext – If the payment falls on a non-banking day, process date should be adjusted to the next banking day

Payoff Adjustment

This does not use a collection, but takes values of 0, 1, or 2.

  • 0 - Do not process the AutoPay
  • 1 - Adjust the AutoPay amount to equal the payoff amount
  • 2 - Process the AutoPay for the scheduled amount

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