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LoanPro provides an import option so you can add a large amount of data in a short amount of time. Importing your data is a matter of formatting the data correctly, uploading it into LoanPro, and fixing any errors in the data. Because there is so much data that can potentially be uploaded and some data is required while other data is not, getting the hang of an import can be a little tricky. This article will give an overview of the import system.

The import system is not a real-time import. When you choose to import data, the import is queued and run when it gets to the front of the queue.


The import functionality in LoanPro can be found in Settings > Company > Import.

The import system is separated between two different pages. The Instructions & Samples tab gives instructions for how to format the files you will use to import your data and some example files you can use to help format your data correctly. The Upload & History page is where you'll actually import your files and see a record of past imports.

Instructions and Samples

To start, go to the instructions and samples page. Here you'll see a tree with all the different information you can import into LoanPro. You can navigate the available import sections using the tree.

Click the plus sign to expand a section of the tree, or click the name of an import type to load instructions. You can also search for the import type you want using the search bar at the top. The instructions page has a sample .csv file that you can download, as well as an explanation of each column.

All import files should be comma separated values (CSV) files. They all work in the same way, with the first row being a list of column headings and all the rows beneath being values for specific accounts within your company. For example, cell C1 in this file is a header that tells you row C contains loan amounts. Cells C2, C3 and so on will be the IDs for individual loans. There will be an action header where you can enter the action that should be performed with the data (i.e. add, update, delete).

Each row in the table represents one record, whether it be a payment, a loan, or anything else.

Upload & History

The Upload & History tab is where you will actually upload files for import.

This tab will also show you past imports with the option to download those files. Here is an example of an import.

When importing a file, a progress bar with show the general progress of the data being uploaded into LoanPro. 

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