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Once you have a borrower, it’s important to enter their information into LoanPro so you can keep track of it. This article will cover the specifics of entering customer information into LoanPro.

Creating a New Customer

As with many important processes, there are a few places you can go to enter a new borrower into a loan. They are in the Customer tab within an existing loan, during the loan setup, and within the customer manager of your company account. Entering new customer data is the same regardless of where you start from, so we will start from the customer manager. To add a new customer from the Customer Manager, navigate to Users > Customer Manager and click 'New Customer'.

The first step in entering a new customer is to enter general information for the customer. Enter the information on the first screen, then click 

 You can now enter contact information for the customer.

Entering the contact information is just like entering any other address into LoanPro except that you have the option to enter an email address for the borrower into the Email Address field.

You should now be on the Mailing Address step.

If you want your mailing information to be the same as your primary address, select the checkbox 'Use primary address as mailing address'.  Enter the mailing  address of the borrower and then click 'Next'.

You are now on the User Access Information step.

This step is completely optional. You can create a username and password for the borrower, which they can use to log in to the customer website.

The next step is titled Additional Information. This tab displays customer custom fields. These custom fields are created by you to hold whatever values you want to keep track of for your borrowers. New custom fields can be created in Settings > Customer > Custom Fields > Customer Fields.

When you are done, click 'Save'.

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