Rules Applied – Loan Checklist


 You can use rules applied to check or uncheck items from your custom  checklist.  This article is intended to supplement the information found in  rules applied.


Checklist rules applied can be found at Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Loan Checklist.

You have three options for each existing rule application.  They are represented by icons as follows:

  •   subscriptions Enroll All Loans – When clicked, all loans will be enrolled for this rule.
  •   edit Edit – Clicking this will let you edit the rule application.
  •   delete Delete – This will delete the rule application.
You can create a new checklist rule application by clicking  .

To create a new rule application, enter a name, and check the box that shows how the rule application should evaluated and whether it should be added to new loans. Click Empty to specify the rule under which changes to the checklist should be made. Now, simply check the items that will be checked on accounts that qualify under your selected rule. Click  to save the rule application.

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