Secure Payments API – Void Transaction


You may need to void Secure Payments transaction statuses based on a returns file received from a bank or other ACH processor. A voided payment is one that has settled successfully, but then needs to be undone. Depending on the processor, the functionality to void a payment may or may not be present. Returned and failed payments are different, as they failed at the processor level and did not settle successfully.

This article will cover how to void a transaction through the Secure Payments API.

How To

To void a transaction, you will send a PUT request to the following endpoint:


The "{transaction-id}" will be replaced with the actual transaction ID that you wish to void.

The payload will look something like this:

"message":"Transaction Voided",

  • message - the message should help you remember the reason for changing the transaction's status.
  • status - the status can potentially be any of the following: PROCESSING, FAILED, or SETTLED SUCCESSFULLY. For some processors, the status can also be VOIDED.
Like mentioned above, voiding a transaction relies on the integrated processor's ability to void it. If the payment processor is unable to void the transaction, you will be unable to change the transaction to the VOIDED status in Secure Payments.

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