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LoanPro lets you set up email notifications to be sent out when specific events occur in your customer accounts. These notifications are designed to keep you in contact with your customers, and to keep you apprised of events that affect their accounts. LoanPro contains default messages for each of the event-based email notifications. General information regarding these notifications can be found in the Event Based Notifications – Email article. The existing notifications can be edited to fit company needs, and new event-based notifications can be created as well.

How To

To create a new event-based notification, navigate to Settings > Company > Notifications > Event Based Notifications within your company account. Select the  button in the top right of the screen.

Enter in a name and description for the new event-based notification. Then, choose the event that will trigger the notification. The event options given are 'Loan Status Change' and 'Portfolio' change.

If you set the event trigger to be based on a 'Loan Status Change' you can choose a status the loan is changing from and a status the loan is changing too. Multiple loan status changes can be added as triggers on a single notification. 

If you set the event trigger to be based on a 'Portfolio Change' you can choose portfolios that the accounts are added to or removed from. You can add multiple portfolio changes to a single notification. 

Note: You cannot have a single event-based notification be triggered from both a 'Loan Status Change' and a 'Portfolio Change'.

After you have added the desired event trigger, you can then add specific messages to the SMS, Email, System, and Mail House sections of the notifications. You can also enable the notification as a WebHook. These different types of notifications can be enabled or disabled according to company preference. If they are enabled, additional restrictions on what accounts/agents will receive the notification can be set the Restrictions section. 

Once you have finished configuring the event-based notification click   to save the new notification.


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