Configure Checklist


The checklist feature in LoanPro is designed to help you ensure that specific tasks are being completed for your accounts. You can customize the account checklist for your company so that it fits your needs. Checklist items are especially useful, because you can filter your reports and  loan search results by whether a checklist item is checked or not. The checklist filter is found in the  advanced option search.

How to Customize Your Checklist

To customize your checklist, navigate to Settings > Loan > Checklist inside your company account.

To create a new checklist, click .

Enter a title for the checklist in the Title field. Optionally, you can enter a description for the checklist in the Description field. To add new checklist item, select ADD CHECKLIST ITEM.

Once you have entered the Checklist item information, click .

Finish entering in all of the necessary information for the checklist and select .

The checklist will appear as a bold parent listing.

To edit or delete an existing checklist select edit or delete respectively.

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