At times, you may want to track insurance information for different kinds of collateral, such as homeowner’s insurance or auto-insurance. To help facilitate this process, LoanPro allows you to record insurance policy information for loan collateral.

Additionally, you can pull reports to see who has insurance coverage and who does not.

Setting Insurance Information for a Loan

To set insurance information, open up the desired loan and navigate to Collateral > Insurance. Next, click . A form similar to the image below will appear.

Here you can enter the insurance information such as the name of the insured, the insurance company name, the insurance agent information, the deductible, policy number, and the start/end dates of coverage.  There are shortcuts above the End Date field that help you easily add an end date that is 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months in the future.

You can also add custom fields that will let you track other information about the insurance policy.

Once you are done, click .

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